Seveneyes in the 2nd era

Well Met

Well, kinda.

Meet the adventurers!

  • Beatrix – Awoke one day without memory of her past, naked and covered in blood. She seeks to understand the nature of her unusual magical powers she seems to possess.
  • Dione – A mysterious wayward fortune teller who comes off as a charlatan, claiming events after the fact as prediction "as it was fortold". With unnerving confidence she leads the party seeming to know more than she is letting on.
  • Legolis – A no-nonsense man of strength and honor who wishes to fulfill his family legacy with the Adventurers of Cyrodil.  
  • Fister Rogers – Child of tragic circumstance, broken free of servitude, only values wealth. 
  • Bighehe – Orphaned when his parents met with a tragic fate. He will use his undisputable wit and brawn to have his revenge.
  • Galactica – A disciplined mountain of man. He seeks revenge for the murder of his parents.
  • Nameless – Abandoned to wolves as a young child his mind has been forged to be a force of chaos. His demonstrated ability in survival has crafted him into a dangerous individual who claims his own dominion as he sees fit.
  • Lorkin – A gentle, but tortured, soul with a heart of wonderlust cannot control his temper. His temper is a force of power that radiates from him as if divinly possessed by a wrathful diety. He seeks to contain his rage.
  • Hungus – Quests to bring his glorious birthright an even greater honor. He comes from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow.
  • Archavist – A derelict with a life of crime has seen the light in the form of a divine presence or hallucination. With glimmering sword of light he has taken the roll of a righteous paladin to redeem his past mistakes. Still kinda steals.


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