Seveneyes in the 2nd era

Raids from the Mountains

Lets get to the bottom of this

Our adventurers venture East from Cyrodil to the farming villages closest to the mountains. The latest reports claim organized packs of goblins and orcs have been orchestrating tactical raids on farming villages and traveling merchants as if to choke the supply of food and foreign supplies intentionally. 

Investigating the matter the adventurers talk with locals and encounter on such band of raiders burning crops and fleeing. They are tracked as they run away from the village and the mountains to the northern forest. In the forest a campsite is found as well as a gathering of orcs and goblins. A note is recovered from one such campsite indicating an organization hierarchy to the raiding parties. Before the adventurers have any time to investigate who could be be powerful enough to control the mountain folk, they find themselves in an ambush situation, surrounded by orcs and goblins with the high-ground. Fighting for their lives the group come out on top and make their way back to Cyrodil to recover from their wounds.


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