Seveneyes in the 2nd era

Journy to the Swamp

Coming together

A second band of adventurers from the same platoon as the first set out from Cyrodil and also reach the mountains. Their path takes them closer to border of the southern swamp. Along their path they are met with a mysterious, hostile, cloaked figure who they chase away. At the foothills a path deeper into the mountains is discovered. There they are met with an apparition of a cloaked figure who identifies himself as a necromancer of the swamp. The tells the band that long ago necromancers where banished from Cyrodil to the swamp and the school of necromancy was forbidden from Cyrodil. 

When the necromancers were banished, many of them moved on and made a new home for themselves. Some, however, were bitter and banded together in the mountains. They identify themselves apart from the other necromancers, the necromancers of the swamp and the necromancers of the mountains. The adventurers are given this advice and a portal is opened for them. Most of the party move into the portal, however the portal is not large enough to allow for the transportation of the oracle's mystery caravan. The oracle makes her way to the swamp without the aid of the portal.

Guided by the grand magus of Cyrodil, the member of the adventurer's group are sent to protect their friends, warned that they are near the swamp and at the edge where the swamp meets the mountains and in grave danger. Without question Nameless and Wolfgang mount their war horses and rush to protect the traveling oracle, Dione. When they find her she had just fended off a goblin scout who screeched as he met the oracle, alerting others to the intruder. On the horizon a massive horde can be spotted, charging towards the caravan.

Contacted by the astral projection of Fister, aided by the magic of the swamp necromancers, the caravan and company are guided down the steep cliffs and blind turns that lead from the main land to the deep, deep pit that is the swamp. Having lost their would-be pursuers they are pointed in the direction of the necromancer's palace. The rest of the team at the palace rush through the swamp to meet their friends before they are met with the denizens of the swamp. They arrive to find them encountering a massive fleshy creature with an array of protrusions sticking out from its trunk. It opens portals in the ground that allow the passage of fleshy tentacled beetles.

The adventurers engage with the monstrosity long enough to experience a powerful blast that emanates from the fleshy mass, instilling fear, paralyses, panic, and blindness. Through self-sacrifice and the beginning signs of unity the troupe band together enough to survive the encounter with no loss of life and no members lost, screaming, running through the swamp.

They gather on the caravan and their ailments eventually subside. With the northern sky being gradually overtaken with a hue of red they reach the palace of the necromancers.



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